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Group Feature: Bands We're Afraid to Admit We Like, Part 2

#DeathtoCool2k15. More ACRN writers spill what band they're afraid to like, so toss on some Dave Matthews Band and get readin'!

Shem Krey, Sales Director/Foo Fighters Expert: Foo Fighters

The first record I ever bought was a 2011 reissue of the Foo Fighters' The Colour and the Shape. I didn’t own a record player at the time, so I put it on the wall as an idol for my devotion. Four years later and I’m still a die-hard Foo Fighters fan. These days the record is warped and popped from abuse, and it is only a matter of time before I buy the next reissue.

When it comes to writing the hits, Dave Grohl is my hero. Although there are a few low points, such as Sonic Highways and One By One, their discography is filled with some of the best post grunge arena rock I’ve ever heard. Maybe I should be a little more embarrassed by my Foo Fighters’ addiction, but honestly anytime anyone says the band sucks. What if I do like the greatest rock band in the world?

The Foo Fighters have always been there for me when I needed them. Their songs are marble statues in a world where everything else seems to burn away with time. When “Everlong” plays on the radio I come alive and sing my heart out, because to me the song is perfection. I owe the band immensely for getting me through my formative years and shaping so much of my interest in music.

Kenyetta Whitfield, Contributor: One Direction

For some, admitting that your love of One Direction is embarrassing as the ultimate sin. I, on the other hand, understand the shame that one may feel after they realize that their perfectly crafted musical persona now includes a deliciously mainstream boy band.

I wasn’t always an outed directioner. I used to secretly create reasons to listen to their first and second album so as not to be judged. But inside I knew they lit a fire in my soul. When Midnight Memories songs began to come out I was hooked on them, and there was no turning back.

I remember watching One D Day, a seven hour live stream to promote the band's third album and thinking about how connected I felt to the band. No song was too over-played, too pop, too bland. They are all perfect.

Harry and Zayn were and continue to be my weaknesses. When the news broke that Zayn would not return, I cried to the heavens. Why? Was it the end of One Direction? Would the fandom fall apart? Would I ever heart “Live While We’re Young” live again?

Needless to say One Direction is important. Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis (and in our hearts Zayn) represent every boy next door who seemed so out of your reach yet so close at the same time.

Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor: Babymetal

I was hanging out with some friends and someone came up to us and yelled, “DUDE I JUST DISCOVERED THIS COOL NEW BAND! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM RIGHT NOW! THEY’RE GREAT! JUST LISTEN TO THEM! DO IT! LISTEN TO THEM!,” and we did…and I instantly knew that I made the biggest mistake of my life. It was then that I asked God for forgiveness, and pleaded for him to cleanse my soul.

I started listening to Babymetal ironically. I was not expecting to like them, but I do. Oh, god I love them, but not because they’re good--it is because they are far from it. They are horrible, but in a feel good way. They also remind me of a cartoon I used to watch when I was just a wee youngster, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Babymetal is life changing; listening to them is an experience. I still remember the first time I ever listened to them--it was on a hot summer afternoon, I was hanging out with some pals complaining about the Florida heat, we were arguing about anime, and why Naruto sucks. One friend says, “Hey man since we’re talking about things that suck, let’s listen to Babymetal,” so we did, and even though we all laughed and cracked jokes, I deep down inside knew that it was too late for me, I was falling into a deep never ending hole, I was digging my own grave.

Their sound is different, it keeps you on your toes. Even though you know it’s coming, you know you’re about to hear a sweet soft voice over the heavy guitar and drums, you just don’t know WHEN. And that’s the best part of it, it’s like playing a game. You’re never really prepared for the clashing of music and her voice. I always get a chill down my back. They make me feel like life is good and they remind me that no matter how embarrassing I think a situation may be, at least I am not a member of Babymetal.

Jon Fuchs, Contributor: Katy Perry

I can’t believe I am saying this: I own a copy of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream on limited edition gatefold 2x white-colored vinyl.

I completely understand that as a lover of serious music, liking something as formulaic and predictable as Katy Perry can be very strange. Not because she is a big pop star, but because there are more interesting pop stars like Beyoncé and Lana Del Rey, and because Katy Perry has a serious lack of identity; in one song she’s a role model for children, in another she’s a party animal, in another she’s an alien.

But her music has never been able to leave my head; I’ve always been addicted to songs like “Last Friday Night” and “Dark Horse,” and I’ve always loved her vocals in songs like “Teenage Dream” and “Waking Up In Vegas.” While I can say that there are much better singers out there, and I can agree that some songs she has like “Roar," “Peacock” and “Ur So Gay” are terrible, her songs will always have a special place in my heart.

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