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Get Involved With ACRN

ACRN wants you, your friends your mother, and your pet lobster to come and join in the fun!


Head on over to the only campus radio station today to find your inner self (or outer self too)!


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ACRN is a student organization at Ohio University that revolves around music and radio. Everyone loves music, so there is bound to be a part of ACRN that will appeal to the interests of every Bobcat!



ACRN is notorious for being an online radio station run by our very own DJs, but we also do so much more. Our DJs don’t just play music on air, but they also go mobile and DJ at live events.


You can also write as one of our music journalists, choose the music we play on air, do graphic design work, or help make the ads we play on the air.


Our engineers work to keep everything working in the station. We also have a social media team, for those who love to Tweet and Tumble.


There is even a place at ACRN for those students interested in sales, promotions, photography, making videos, and keeping the DJs in check every week. You could even work on this very website if that’s what you’re into!


All Bobcats are welcome!

ACRN Departments 

These are the 13 departments of the All-Campus Radio Network. We do much more than just broadcasting! Feel free to join as many departments as you wish, and never hesitate to contact execs. We're here to answer your questions! 


Our Engineering Director is Cas Galiszewski. Our engineering department maintains all of our gear in the station. Meetings are on Wednesdays at 5:30 in the station.


Julia Leiby is the head of our music department. The music department decides what songs to add to our on air playlist.


Our Programming Director is Eric Perzanowski. The Programming Department is made up of our on air DJs. They are responsible for the sound of the station. Meetings are on Wednesdays at 7 in Gordy Hall, Room 104.

Public Relations

Xavier Veccia is our PR Director at ACRN. PR is in charge of social media, press releases, and our station appearance. Meetings are on Mondays at 7 in the station.


Kailee Slusser is ACRN's Web Director. Web runs this website.



Zack Baker is our Editorial Director. Editorial writes content for our website including news, reviews, blogs, interviews, and features. Meetings are on Thursdays at 7.


Shem Krey is the head of AIR. Alumni & Investment Relations is in charge of building relationships with ACRN alumni as well as serving as ACRN's historian. Meetings are at 1 on Saturdays in the station.

General Manager

Our GM’s name is Megan Fair. She is in charge of overseeing all the departments of ACRN. 


Office Hours: Wednesdays from 4-5

Assistant GM Meetings: Saturday at 3


Kyle Rutherford is our Mobile Director. Mobile DJs live events, like house parties, Greek events.etc. Find out more on our mobile page. Meetings are on Mondays at 4 in the station.


Chris Dowell is the man that runs our Production Department. Production creates our commericals, liners, and in studio performances. Meetings are on Wednesdays at 5:30 in the station.


Shane Riley is in charge of the Promotions Department at ACRN. This department puts together all of ACRN's shows and events. 

To talk about booking a show with ACRN, contact Shane.


Shem Krey is the head of our Sales Department. Sales works on making money for the station. 


Cortney Willis is the head of our Traffic Department. Traffic monitors the DJs on air to make sure they play the right things at the right time.

Visual Media

Rob Kerr is in charge of the Visual Media Department. Visual Media releases our videos, photos, and graphic media. Meetings are on Tuesdays at 9 in Ellis Hall, Room 120.

Faculty Advisor

Our factuly advisor is Greg Newton.



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