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ACRN Reviews & Articles

Feature Articles

ACRN feature articles that are revelant and prelevant to you.


This may be a recent band interview, a performance, or something else entirely.



It's a feature, so it must be important, right?

Concert Previews

We'll never let a concert sneak up on you.


We'll let you know who is playing, where the action is, and what you can expect from shows before you go rock out. 


As they say, knowing is half the battle!

Music News

We're keeping you updated on what's going on in the music industry, whether it be new releases or celebrity drama. 



Don't worry no Bieber allowed. Adults only.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Live Reviews

After a show, relive memories or vicariously enjoy them for the first time by reading our live reviews.


Why go to a concert when you can just read about it, right?


Went to one yourself? Let someone else feel your experience by writing about it like we do!


Featured Music on ACRN is like a mind blowing great things and it is just like the best thing ever and ever.


Here it is just doing this kinda thing.



Thats all.

Album Reviews

Listen. We all have different music tastes, but that's not the case with our reviews here. Here at ACRN, we love and hate everything.


We take our passion for music to the next level by giving you pure, unadultered album reviews - that's the way it should be.


Give us your opinion on our opinion. Hopefully we won't need a tissue, unless of course it's from tears of joy.

We ask all the right questions, get all the right facts, and report them back to you just before dinner. Check them out.

Meet Our Writers

Our writers are just like you.


Smart, sophisticated, and pretty.


Oh, and they also like to write! Read up on them. It's fun!

External Music Blogs

Interested in reading more than what is on our site? Check out some of our blogs!


They write some really good material and you can trust us, we're bias!

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