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Album Review: Empire of the Sun - Two Vines

By Maria Lubanovic, Contributor

[Virgin EMI; 2016]

Rating: 9/10

Key Tracks: “High and Low,” “Two Vines,” “Digital Life”

From the artistic Australian electronic duo who brought us Walking on a Dream in 2008 comes Empire of the Sun’s third full length album Two Vines. Overall, it’s a great album, and a huge win for the duo, especially with their single “Walking on a Dream” reappearing on the charts this year after a very successful Honda commercial.

The whole album is an electric-alternative paradise; it's delicious. It makes sense that a majority of the album was recorded in Hawaii. From the more upbeat rhythms of “High and Low” and “Friends,” to the smooth beats and vocals of “There’s No Need” and “Digital Life,” Two Vines is everything you loved about Walking on a Dream and all of the other work that they have done over the last few years. The entire album creates a soft electro-pop feel so cool and liquid that you could swim in it.

The stand out tracks have to be the singles “High and Low,” “Two Vines” and “Way to Go”. “High and Low” is a feel-good dance track and maybe the best track on the album. “Two Vines” is lush and bass heavy, flowing perfectly from verse to chorus in a flawless transition. “Way to Go” is so positive, featuring lyrics like “Dreaming is the home of the brave / future is the healing of pain” with an upbeat musical background.

The album carries an innocence to it, especially in tracks like “Friends,” “There’s No Need” and “First Crush,” with a lyrical focus on relationships and love. Many of the tracks carry a theme of hope and movement. The whole album is colorful and consistent to their style, which in this case is a definite plus. Two Vines is definitely worth a listen, or two, or six.

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