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Movie Review: Sully

By Maria Lubanovic, Contributor

[FilmNation; 2016]

Rating: 8.5/10

Sully is a historical film based on the events of January 15th, 2009, when pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger miraculously landed a plane on the Hudson River after a bird strike, saving the lives of 155 people. The film follows the aftermath of the event and the trials, both literal and mental, of the pilot.

Tom Hanks plays Sully and is perfect in the role. His portrayal is strong in his dialogue, but his best acting is in the subtle, quiet moments, like one when he is reflecting on what the other outcomes of the incident could have been as an imaginary plane crashes into the buildings in front of him. This film could arguably be one of his best in his entire career. The other actors act in a similarly strong fashion, and are totally realistic rather than highly dramatic, adding to the intensity of every scene.

Some of the best moments of the film are in the cinematography. The film maintains a very cold feel, especially during the scenes during the water landing and Sully’s time in the NTSB hearing, where he is questioned over losing a plane, rather than focusing on the fact that 155 people survived a water landing that should have killed them all. The color schemes are mostly blue and grey, and any warmth at all shows itself in warm brown tones in Sully’s home with his wife and children. Technically, the film is very well done and looks beautiful while keeping its intensity.

Overall, Sully is intense and very well done. It doesn’t feel too embellished, and it shows true heroism in its portrayal of a miraculous true story. It’s more than just about the pilot, but about the co-pilot, flight attendants and rescue workers who helped save everyone on the flight. Sully is definitely worth a watch.

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