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Album Review: OG Maco - Blvck Phil Collins

By Marvin Dotiyal, Contributor

[OGG; 2016]

Rating: 6.5/10

Key Tracks: "No Love," "Talk Too Much," "Move"

Bitch you guessed it? No, not at all. In fact, OG Maco’s latest EP, Blvck Phil Collins, takes his music into a completely new direction. OG Maco brings in a multitude of different producers in this EP, ranging from obscure underground producers to well-known producers like DJ Snake. This 7-track EP is rather an experimental project of OG Maco, not the typical in-your-face “insert gunshot.wav here” rap music that he is known for.

OG Maco retains a consistent ambient texture throughout the whole EP, not to mention his reverb-heavy, auto-tuned vocals dissolved in the chill atmosphere. “No Love” pretty much sums up his “new,” trip-hop sound that is predominant in the record. The majority of the songs on this EP will have an experimental sound like “No Love,” but tracks such as “2000s” and “What’s a Wallet” will be the closest to hit home for the original OG Maco fans.

On the other hand, “Move” will absolutely baffle you if rap was what you were looking for. It’s almost safe to say that “Move” is an EDM track with OG Maco’s vocals hovering over DJ Snake’s chill beats. This track definitely shows OG Maco’s experimental side; unlike his previous releases, OG Maco utilizes different genres and more singing which definitely indicates OG Maco’s attempt to step out of his comfort zone and expand his musical horizons.

Considering this as an experimental record, OG Maco did a decent job exploring his avenues of his musical interests. His creative endeavours in Blvck Phil Collins shows his growth as an artist. However, it is highly possible that his new sound could upset some fans in the hip-hop/rap community.

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