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Preview: Show Me The Body, Rader, Cursed Path, Wasted Champs / Sept. 10 / The Hardcore House of Ruth

By Claire Klodell, Contributor

The RBG / Saturday, September 10, 2016

Before the third week of classes drives you into an existential crisis, cancel all of your plans for this Saturday night; head over to The RBG and spend less money than you were initially planning on. You can catch four killer bands for only $5, which is less than almost any meal on Court Street. Doors open at 5:30.

Show Me The Body is a trio whose music is as hardcore as their hometown, New York City. Look no further for a reason to get down in the pit. The band recently conquered part two of their “Body War” tour

Cursed Path reigns from Pomeroy, Ohio and call their style “dark hardcore”. The band is no stranger to Athens, having recently played at The Smiling Skull. They are comprised of vocalist Eric Pierce, guitarists Curtis Jewell and J.T. Evans, bassist Johnny Holsinger and drummer Eric Smith.

Rader, hailing from right here in Athens, initially remained incognito for the beginning of their career. After searching for “the most vile, despicable, hateful things,” they could think of, the band agreed on tributing their name to the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader.

Their songs encapsulate retaliation surrounding life and clique culture. “Interconnectedness should be at the forefront of music scenes at any scale and it frustrates us that sometimes it is not,” stressed the band. This will be their first time playing The RBG, and the band is looking forward to seeing new faces along with some familiar ones. “RBG is an asset to the community, not only with music, but with providing a safe space for anyone and everyone to express themselves and who they are. We’re looking forward to being a part of that for the night,” expressed Rader.

Wasted Champs is the self-proclaimed “Frankie Cosmos of Ohio”. The name originated from an online name generator, but essentially captures the pressures of high school popularity. It is entirely made up of Jon Fuchs, who also plays in a band called Holy Crust back in his hometown. Wasted Champs describe their sound as “sad songs about first world problems.” Their album LOSER is coming out on September 16, which will be the band’s longest record so far.“ My first show was actually at the RBG, being there always makes me feel at home,” reminisced Jon.

There’s no other event in Athens this Saturday night where you can rock out for less than a Chipotle burrito. The venue has a “no drugs, no drinking, no bad ‘tudes” policy, so if this doesn’t work for you, maybe Scotty McCreery would be more up your alley.

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