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Album Review: The Divine Comedy - Foreverland

By Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor

[Divine Comedy; 2016]

Rating: 6/10

Key Tracks: “Catherine the Great,” “How Can You Leave Me On My Own”

After six years, The Divine Comedy has released their 11th studio album Foreverland, along with a deluxe version of the album, which includes 19 extra songs. “Napoleon Complex,” the first song on the album, does the job of capturing the light, orchestral fluidity of the album. While orchestral-pop may not be your cup of tea, Foreverland is something that will make the listener feel bubbly.

“Catherine the Great” sounds like it should be a theatrical piece instead. The song opens up with prologue-like lyrics; “Let’s talk of Catherine the Great / Let’s talk of love and the power of the state,” that sets up the cheery tone of the song. The song then continues with, “She might have conquered a third of the world / But inside she was a sensitive girl,” which adds to the theatrical storytelling tone.

“How Can You Leave Me On My Own” is flamboyant in every aspect, especially with its energetic and boisterous instrumentals. The lyrics “When you leave, I become a caveman / A brain-head, brain-dead caveman / I stare at all the photos and the texts that you have sent me” add a melodramatic tone to the song. It's overall catchy and it’ll get you dancing with its upbeat sound.

Foreverland is something that will make the listener feel light-hearted. You’ll catch yourself trying to sing along maybe even dancing around in your room, and before you know it the album is over. Foreverland overall sounds like a theatrical piece with lyrics that'll make you think of Schoolhouse Rock.

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