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Album Review: Gallant - Ology

Photo via Pitchfork

By Jane Dickerson, Contributor

[Mind of a Genius; 2016]

Rating: 8/10

Key Tracks: "Bourbon," "Episode," "Weight in Gold"

Gallant's new album Ology is a smooth and dynamic sixteen track musical experience. Gallant proves his ability to evoke both dream-like and more classic R&B sounds. His vocals are passionate, and although some of the instrumental aspects can be a bit repetitive and slow, the lyrics are masterful and refined.

Songs like “Bourbon” are very easy to listen to, but hold a darker undertone with lyrics like "I loved in cold blood and got used to it, angels say trust the detox, but I'm shaking I need it, like bourbon in my coffee cup." With lyrics like that, this album reaches past a surface-level depth that many current R&B-esque artists tend to stop at.

One of the key tracks, “Talking to Myself” uses a catchy hook and brings a bit more of a pop-like feel to the album. The shorter interludes between some of the songs create a smooth, transitional element that contributes to the record’s overall cohesion.

The full package is something that sounds a little like if Frank Ocean sang over Beach House tracks, incorporating a vulnerable depth into ethereal sound. “Weight in Gold” divides the album in a smart and catchy way that moves the listener through the album well, breaking up some of the emotionally heavier tracks.

Looking at the record as a whole, Gallant has done something very difficult — made something that’s both easily-listenable but also calls attention to more complicated sentiments.

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