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Album Review: Tacocat - Lost Time

Photo via BrooklynVegan

By Jonathan Fuchs, Copy Editor

[Hardly Art; 2016]

Rating: 7.5/10

Key Tracks: “Dana Katherine Scully,” “I Hate the Weekend,” “Horse Grrls”

Even though summer is still months away, it’s never too early to prepare in advance, so you know what to do when the hot and humid weather finally rolls in. You need to get your beach bod in shape, stash plenty of Bud Light Limes in your neon-colored mini-cooler and (most importantly) have to make the best summer playlist. 2016 has already given us great summer jams like The LemonsHello, We’re The Lemons and Jawbreaker Reunion’s haha and then what ;), and now Tacocat is here to give us their sophomore album Lost Time, a fun and energetic collection of songs all about the beach, girls who rock (all of them!), sex and aliens.

The album starts with plenty of energy with “Dana Katherine Scully,” a song that asks what it would be like to walk in the shoes of the classic X-Files character Dana Scully. It’s an excellent introduction that leads the listener into the rest of the album’s sound, which constantly feels like the perfect soundtrack to a montage from your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie.

Lost Time continues being unstoppably sugary and giddy with tracks like “I Love Seattle,” “I Hate the Weekend” and “Talk” that continue Tacocat’s lovely, beachy sound. Just like the song “Psychedelic Quinceañera” from their last record NVM, there are tracks on this album that bring new influences into the band’s music while still keeping in their usual style. The verses on “Horse Grrls,” for example, feel very bluesy until switching straight into a fast-paced punk atmosphere perfect for tearing it up in a crowded, sweaty pit or just dancing around at home by yourself in your pajamas while your judgmental cat watches you in the corner.

Lost Time is wonderfully fun record that, while not very deep or lyrically dense, still has the energy and passion needed to get any cool party started. If this album doesn’t end up on your “Beach Bummin’ 2K16 #livin” playlist by the time summer rolls around, it’s clear that you have a very faulty playlist.

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