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Preview: Union Fire, DUNE, Druid / Mar. 4 / Casa Nueva

By Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor

Casa Nueva / Friday, March 4, 2016

What better way is there to spend a spring break night in Athens than heading out to Casa Nueva and enjoying a night filled with soulful, psychedelic rock? Musicians, who love Athens, coming together to play a show is the definition of Athens life.

Black Spyral Dancer is returning to the stage in Athens as Union Fire. ACRN Media got the scoop on their name change because let’s face it, it’s not something you’d expect to hear.

“Our name derives itself from that sorrow, that wayward lost feeling, but also the element of rebirth,” shared Alex Andrews, vocalist for Union Fire. They recalled the Union as a special and loving place for not only themselves but many other people in Athens.

Guitarist/vocalist Majed Khurshid, who shared that the band would be playing a lot of new music at Casa Nueva, along with some old songs they couldn’t get rid of.

“All we have to say will come out on the stage. And really all we can hope for is to give people a great performance. That is what makes all the years of hard work worth it,” remarked Khurshid.

Druid is on fire in the music scene. Their psychedelic sound embodies the Athens community, one of their biggest influences being Led Zeppelin.

They released a teaser from their upcoming album, Odysseus, called "Medicine Man," on their bandcamp, and it will leave you begging for more. “Our sound has definitely matured into its own unique character, with increased song complexity and new tonal exploration. We've had an awesome time growing and changing, but not losing sight of rock 'n roll in the process,” remarked the band.

Dune was created one night at the Union, everyone in the band played in other bands but they came together and talked about doing something different: low, slow, and heavy with soul. Their first show was at the Athens Music Festival.

“It was a lot of fun. At the time, nobody was doing anything like it in Athens. Now that's changed and we're more than happy with that.”

Dune described Athens in such a beautiful and unique way, one that is too long to share on a short preview but can be summed with their words of advice, “Enjoy the bubble. Don’t lament it.”

Bring your friends and enjoy the music. It all starts 10 p.m. sharp, don’t miss out on these incredible bands.

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