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Album Review: She's Beautiful - Ok

By Eli Schoop, Copy Editor

[Self-Released; 2016]

Rating: 4/5 Key Tracks: “A Green Field,” “Oh Why,” “Rainbow”

How does one deal with depression? It’s a very common disease, one that afflicts far too many to count. Frank Haught a.k.a She’s Beautiful seems to have figured that music synthesizing their internal feelings is the way to self-actualization. Their brand of electronic is both magical and affecting, drawing from such pioneers as Tim Hecker and Caribou to craft an album that feels like a journey where the destination is your own betterment.

Lyrically, Haught addresses their life and how dealing with the issues plaguing them is an arduous task, yet necessary to receive the true beauty in life. “I'm coming back to / And I'm coming back soon” off “A Green Field” transposes their recovery from anxiety and the crippling fears encountered throughout personhood with an evocative instrumental, both bristling with fervor while crafting the moody sentiment Haught is frought with.

The juxtaposition of noise and emotion belies a soul in trouble, but optimistic they’ll succeed. “Oh Why” colors atmosphere like a master painter, the canvas being lyrics such as “I'm doing something wrong but / It's such a beautiful day / I said it's nice to see you again / You feel the same and we all feel the same.” Haught is adept in finding the melody amidst disarray, and it’s so majestic within the contexts of their existence. One gets the feeling Haught has a lot more to say but couldn’t quite find the tools to properly concentrate on it; nevertheless their statement here with Ok is wholly worthwhile and deserving of praise.

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