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Preview: OUGD Thesis Exhibition Fundraiser: Crooked Spines, Wished Bone, Mungbean / Feb. 19 / The Ga

By Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor

The Garden / Fri., Feb. 19, 2016

Art and music are coming together Friday night to raise money for the Ohio University Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition, taking place in March. With Athens being home to many creative masterminds, this is an epic show that cannot be missed, especially not with the impressive lineup for the night. Crooked Spines will be headlining the show, along with the quickly rising Wished Bone and Mungbean.

The Ohio University Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition show, Wobble, will be open March 29th at the Seigfred Gallery. All donations from this show will go toward the funding of the exhibition. ACRN Media had the opportunity of speaking with the host, Kaleigh Sutherland, who shared that the idea of having a show at The Garden was seen as an opportunity to bring music and visual art together.

“The members of both Crooked Spines and Wished Bone are some cool cats with serious vision and intent. This also goes for Columbus band Mungbean,” remarked Sutherland. Whoever comes to the show will be able to try out screen-printing while enjoying the music Sutherland believes defines the music scene in Athens.

Crooked Spines is a local Athens indie band with roots in folk and rock. They are expecting to deliver everything they have and to have a good time. “Shows in Athens are always a blast and people show up to support a good cause,” asserted the band. They shared that they try their best to not perform, but PERFORM for their audience so they can enjoy the music and be entertained as well. They are working on their first EP and are asking for help from their fans with donations on their Indiegogo page.

Wished Bone is on fire when it comes to performing in Athens. If you haven’t checked them out yet, they’re definitely an act you don’t want to miss. Wished Bone’s airy folk sound is what has kept them on the radar for shows recently. Their EP, Pseudio Recordings, was released this past September.

Mungbean is a new band from Columbus, made up of Sean from Turtle Island and Emma from The Worn Flints. “Since our collaboration is so new we haven’t had a chance to record anything. So everything you’ll hear Friday will be brand new,” shared Emma. While the bands they play in have played in Athens before, this will be their first performance as Mungbean here.

“We hope people will come to the show to take part in a shared experience of local creativity and help raise our exhibition,” shared Sutherland. Bring your friends, make your own art, and enjoy the music Friday night at The Garden.

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