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Preview: Immaculate Misconception, Style$tar, Wished Bone, Zach Fuller / Feb. 6 / The Bat Lounge

By Nichole Moorman, Contributor

The Bat Lounge / Sat., Feb. 6, 2016

The Bat Lounge will give Athens quite the show Saturday, Feb. 6th, with an array of folk, pop, and punk bands looking for a good time.

Immaculate Misconception is a folk punk band from Milwaukee, playing Athens for the first time. The band hails from Wisconsin’s DIY scenes, and after several moves, includes Brain Traut on banjo, mandolin, and vocals, Leah O! on bass, Sam Winter-Tree on washboard, K-Rad on flute, and Andrew the Red on guitar and vocals.

Andrew says that living in Wisconsin influences songs about the cold, and also the current political climate.“You can expect a good balance between silliness and goofy stage antics, and very serious conversations and rants about abolishing capitalism, and the various radical projects and movements us and our friends are currently involved with,” he says. “You can expect to get the most pumped up for the revolution you could hope to get from a punk show.”

Style$tar is a pop singer, making a glamorous return to Athens. Self-described as a “pop sensation babe of a star born to riches of furs and diamonds” and “has performed all over the world and has a contract to be the first performer in space!!!” Its performances often include background dancers, eccentric lights and a whole lot of attitude.

Wished Bone, a twee-folk duo living in Athens, consists of Ashley Rhodus & Brian Kupillas. Their recent EP Pseudio Recordings has gotten them attention, with their music being described as lo-fi, “skeletal pop” by several music blogs.

Finally, Zach Fuller of Weird Science is geared to perform a rare solo acoustic set. Weird Science has had an eventful last few weeks, with the release of their second full-length and being named Athens’ Second Best Band of 2016 by The Athens News.

As for Fuller, he’s just looking to have some fun with this performance. He isn’t sure what he will perform, but is thinking about doing some original material, covers, or something else. “Perhaps some readings from random rants I've jotted down in the last few months. I've been preparing myself for all three,” he says.

Don’t miss it: Saturday, February 6 at The Bat Lounge, 8:30 p.m. $5 donations are requested.

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