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Album Review: Soda - Without A Head

By Jane Dickerson, Contributor

[Dull Tools; 2016]

Rating: 3.5/5

Key Tracks: "New Trash," "Blonde on Blonde"

Picture the type of show one would sneak out to see in high school in some graffiti-stricken basement venue, nodding along next to other self-proclaimed outcasts--this is what a band like Soda represents. Though it’s only a three-piece, it sounds like a lot more. In combining noise-rock and a classic punk sound, Soda has created a catchy first EP, Without a Head.

Skill-wise, the instruments are well-played and the vocals, while expectedly whiny, fit well. Lyrically, it’s just what one might assume it’d be, but not to a fault. Quick, thrashing beats set the perfect stage for ultra-angsty lyrics.

In "New Trash" the vocalists repeat the line “Nothings happens, nothing will,” which sums up pretty well the message this EP gives to its audience. Soda further shows its instrumental chops in “TV," with a catchy bass riff and long instrumental interludes that create a melodic-yet-heavy sound. It’s a relatable, accessible message that speaks to the angry, bored teenager in all of us, which is part of why this EP is such a successful musical endeavor.

It will be interesting to see what direction Soda takes in its music. Though there is room for improvement, there is also something so genuine and honest, so in your face, about their music, that hopefully they won’t lose in years to come.

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