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Preview: Leggy, The Bijous, Cross Country, Space Buns Forever / Feb. 4 / The Smiling Skull Saloon

By Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor

The Smiling Skull Saloon / Thurs., Feb. 4, 2016

To kick off ACRN Media's first February show, Leggy, The Bijous, Cross Country and Space Buns Forever will be sweeping you off your feet this Thursday night at The Smiling Skull Saloon for a great night filled with dancing and crying.

Based in Cincinnati, Leggy is a lush punk band on the rise. They played their first few shows in 2014, where they performed at the Bat Lounge. When asked about the experience, the group remarked “there was a pretty experimental show going on that night and our set definitely stuck out but it was a super fun show!” Their sound is upbeat and their lyrics pull at your heartstrings. Their recent album Dang is equally as upbeat as their previous works but it is darker and bit more rough around the edges.

ACRN spoke to The Bijous, a band named after a ghost who lives in their practice space. “Reilly noticed her when he was really young, she stayed for the jams.” When asked if she influenced their music in anyway, the band replied ever so calmly, “Not our current music, but you might hear her faint voice singing along to Elliott Smith covers on our earlier tapes.“ This will be their first time in Athens and they’re definitely the kind that will end up making their way back here. “We’re a really political band, like we don’t believe in the use of teabags. We only brew loose-leaf.” You’ll be confused as to whether it is you want to dance or cry.

Cross Country isn’t new to Athens; this will be their third show, but their first at The Skull. Each of the members comes from different backgrounds, says the band's vocalist Ezra. “I like a lot of early punk and indie stuff, Thom is in a black metal band, and Emily, John, and I are in another more straightforward rock band.” Their most recent work, Breakfast, is mellow and reminiscent of something you’d throw on a summer playlist.

Space Buns Forever is ACRN’s own Megan Fair’s solo project, and she is aiming to break your heart and make you cry. Her act is stands out since she only plays the E-string. “I thought it would be fun to have listeners interpret what else could fit into that emptiness. It also really forces people to confront what I'm singing about, which is some really personal shit.” This will be the first time Space Buns will be performing at the Skull. “I’ll definitely be more nervous than usual.”

Come enjoy this amazing set of artists, bring your friends and donate some cash to the bands. This is definitely a great time to see some talented Ohio-based artists.

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