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Album Review: Black Moth Super Rainbow - SeeFu Lilac

By Jonathan Fuchs, Copy Editor

[Rad Cult; 2016]

Rating: 3.5/5

Key Tracks: “Since You’ve Seen Her,” “DVD Sweetener,” “Warm Water Leviathan”

SeeFu Lilac, the newest mini-album from indie-psychedelic band Black Moth Super Rainbow, is a release many have been desperately waiting for since 2012’s Cobra Juicy, their most pop heavy and sugar-coated album yet. Instead of sticking to that style, however, they return to sounds similar to their late 2000s material as well as lead singer TOBACCO’s third album Ultima II Massage. While its length feels too underwhelming and teasing, SeeFu Lilac marks another great release from one of the most underrated bands around.

“Since You’ve Seen Her” and “DVD Sweetener” are two of BMSR’s best tracks in a very long time. They are both incredibly catchy and remind the listener of classic albums in their discography like Dandelion Gum and Eating Us. “DVD Sweetener,” at times, contains goosebump-inducing vocal harmonies from TOBACCO’s classic vocoder sound, and “Since You’ve Seen Her” contains some of the band’s funkiest instrumentals and coolest melodies. Another key track is “The Chew,” which sounds like a song from some demented deluxe version of Ultima II Massage.

SeeFu Lilac also has some instrumental songs like the title track, “Unfinished Sketch 6,” “Brotherhood of Sisters,” and “Warm Water Leviathan,” which all sound like re-mastered cuts from the band’s super early albums, like Start a People or Falling Through a Field. They all have very interesting textures to them and are fun to listen to.

SeeFu Lilac is a great release that shows the band is stronger than ever, even after a three-year long silence. Though a little short in length (especially for a mini-album), with most of the tracks only lasting one to two minutes, it’s still refreshing to see such a talented and important group continue to strive and put out original material.

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