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Preview: Mark McGuire, Steve Hauschildt, Holocaust & Oates, The Wandering Lake / Jan. 29 / Luigi

By Abbie Doyle, Editorial Director

Luigi’s Fine Dining / Fri., Jan. 29, 2016

January’s end is so sweet as it brings a wonderful lineup of musicians to Luigi’s Fine Dining on Friday, January 29. The show, warmly referred to as the first half of Body Heat 2016, is somewhat remarkable in that it will hear Mark McGuire and Steve Hauschildt, both formerly of Emeralds, grace the crowd with their own respective solo work. Accompanying these two on the bill are Holocaust & Oates and The Wandering Lake.

Brian Kupillas, the brain behind The Wandering Lake, is a recent addition to Athens’ music community. “I toured through [Athens] last January with a Wandering Lake band and played the Pink Mistress and had an incredible time. I ended up working with Ashley Rhodus on the Wished Bone recordings, playing electric guitar, bass and drums, and have played a couple more times while touring, once at the Bat Lounge and just recently at Casa.”

This past November Kupillas released From James’ Garden, recorded while Kupillas was residing in Lawrence, KS. Now an Athenian, Kupillas is presently working on new Wished Bone recordings and performing solo. “I’m a fan of Mark and Steve’s work including Emeralds; I’m very much looking forward to performing with them.”

Possessed of experimental folk mannerisms and charming simplicity, The Wandering Lake is sure to set the stage just right for Hauschildt and McGuire. Unlike McGuire, Hauschildt has never performed in Athens before; following the show at Luigi’s is a DJ set at the Bat Lounge--the second half of Body Heat 2016--and Hauschildt and McGuire will both be DJing till the wee hours of the morning.

Hauschildt reports he finds his influences in all kinds of contexts. “It could be something like listening to a translation of Dōgen's Time-Being Sutra or observing the various patterns when ice crystallizes along the bank of a river in an Ohio winter. I could get lost in a painting by Julian Stanczak or a print by Philip Taaffe for hours.”

McGuire also shared what has been shaping his recent musical endeavors. “I have been studying the traditional music of all the first nations peoples of North America, as well as looking deeper into my ancient Irish-Celtic heritage, discovering many beautiful and magickal songs there . . . And lots of Kate Bush, crushin’ on her pretty hard right now . . .”

The elusive Holocaust & Oates could not be reached for comment. However, the self-described “cultural abattoir” will surely provide a rollicking good time. The experience starts at 9 p.m. and a $3-5 donation is strongly encouraged!


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