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Preview: Adult Mom, Jawbreaker Reunion, Free Cake For Every Creature, Space Buns Forever / Jan. 14 /

By Van Williams, Contributor

The Birdhouse / Thursday, January 14th, 2016

After several months of independence, built up from the largely self sufficient college life, there comes winter break, the time of the year when we all say goodbye and go home to our families. However, after an extended period of being on our own, living with mom and dad can become a bit of a headache. What better way to cure this headache than with some good music and cool people during the first week back in Athens?

Kicking off the show is Adult Mom, an indie pop band on the Tiny Engines label. Adult Mom is the manifestation of Steph Knite dealing with gender-queer oddities and the concept of ever growing and shifting love. The band has one full length available on Tiny Engines, entitled Momentary Lapse of Happily. This will be the group’s first time playing in Athens.

Before Adult Mom is Jawbreaker Reunion (No, I’m sorry Schwarzenbach fans, this is not what it sounds like). Jawbreaker Reunion is a rock outfit from the Hudson, New York area. ACRN Media got the chance to chat with vocalist/guitarist Lily about the show. “We've never played in Athens! We're really excited to visit a new place and play for new people! We don't really know what to expect, but we're excited to have a really great time!” In regards to their sound, the vocalist stated, “As for our sound, hmmm, that's tough. We've been described as everything from ‘slumber party punk’ to ‘post-grad,’ I suppose you'll have to see for yourselves!”

Also on the roster is Free Cake For Every Creature, a pop band from Philadelphia. The group has multiple EPs out, which will be physically released in March, via Double Double Whammy. In terms of sound, the band has self-described their music as “songs about books.” Clearly this promises to be an interesting performance.

Kicking off the show will be Space Buns Forever, ACRN’s own, Megan Fair’s solo lo-fi project. Space Buns Forever has been blessing Athens house shows over the last couple of months with a personal brand of bedroom pop. Come watch Fair play songs on the E string and sing songs we can all relate to in one way or another.

This is going to be one special gig with a phenomenal roster. Come to The Birdhouse, bring a donation of five dollars for the touring bands, bring your friends, and start 2016 off right.


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