Movie Review: Room

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By Thalia Badio, Contributor

[TG4 Films; 2015]

Rating: 4.5/5

To put it bluntly, Room is one of the best films of this year--a seamless transition from page to screen, a heart wrenching and soul-crushing story. Brie Larson gives a performance nothing short of Oscar-worthy in her role as Ma, a young victim of kidnapping and torture, and nine-year old actor Jacob Tremblay will leave audiences slack-jawed and tear-stained in his perfect portrayal of a scared and unknowing victim of abuse.

There were several moments during this film when the viewer may gasp or find themselves shaking during a particularly gripping or disheartening scene--even to the point where they may question their own ability to handle the extremely disturbing content of the movie. An example of one of these moments is when Ma and Jack are alone in their tiny and disgusting shed, left with nothing to do but scream at the walls in anguish. Such an effect is hard to achieve, however, director Lenny Abrahamson pulls it off.

Adamant lovers of the 2010 book by Emma Donoghue will be relieved to hear that the author was also the writer of the screenplay. No one but Donoghue could have encapsulated all that her book had to offer, and her screenplay was a creative masterpiece like no other. The intense moments of dialogue presented by Jack’s character were perfectly crafted and staged for painful impact. Donoghue, as well as her fans, should be completely satisfied with such an adaptation.

If one is in the mood to have their heart ripped from their chest, immediately lining up for a ticket for this fantastic film is a great idea. Despite the strain on audiences’ tear-ducts, this movie will not leave anyone disappointed.

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