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Album Review: Sunn O))) - Kannon

Photo via Sunn O)))

By Jonathan Fuchs, Copy Editor

[Southern Lord; 2015]

Rating: 3.5/5

Key Tracks: “Kannon 2,” “Kannon 3”

If one were to discuss the genre known as “drone metal,” there is no reason that Sunn O))) should not be talked about. Named after the former amplifier company, they are possibly the most notorious band in the entire genre, having made albums like Black One and Monoliths & Dimensions which are considered essential.

Kannon is a 33 minute-long album made up of only three tracks. These minimalistic songs are filled with distortion, feedback, chanted vocals, and everything else that makes a drone album what it is. While it isn’t the greatest and most accessible album out there, Kannon is still a good experience for fans of the genre.

“Kannon 1,” the longest song on the album, is a track filled with never-ending singular notes and weird moaning from the vocalists. It isn’t necessarily bad, but its length is likely to test the listener’s patience, making it the worst track out of the three.

“Kannon 2” is probably the best song out of the three, since it never feels too long and always has the listener’s attention. The noise begins with no warning right at the beginning and doesn’t stop for the entire nine minutes. The chanting on the track provides a frightening atmosphere, easily making it the most interesting song.

“Kannon 3” is similar to “Kannon 2” in terms of creepy atmosphere, but has the same lengthy elements of “Kannon 1,” making certain parts of the song hard to swallow. However, the harsh screaming during the middle and end of the track is really cool and keeps intact the scary feeling that Kannon rubs off on the listener.

If you like Sunn O))), you’ll enjoy listening to Kannon. However, if you don’t like the band or the drone metal genre at all, there’s no reason you should be listening to this. It’s not the greatest drone album ever (especially not from a band of this reputation), but it’s still a great album that provides a really cool sonic environment.

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