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Preview: Frame and Mantle, Normal State, Space Buns Forever, Gabbi Thacker / Dec. 5 / The RBG

By: Van Williams, Contributor

The RBG / Sat., Dec. 5, 2015

Finals week, a rumor, a myth, a twilight zone of sorts. Whatever it has proved itself to be to you, there is no denying it is upon us. Next week will be the last week of finals before heading home for winter break. What better way to relieve some of that stress than to head to the RBG this Saturday and watch some incredible acts bring everyone together through the power of music. All you need is five dollars, and an open mind, to come hangout with friends and hear good music to wind down before finals week.

Headlining Saturday’s show is Frame and Mantle, an ambient, indie-rock outfit with roots in post-punk and post-rock. ACRN was able to speak with the band about their upcoming set in Athens. “We've never played in Athens before,” replied the band, when asked about their expectations for the show, “and as with anywhere we go where we've never played, we don't really go into it with any real expectations in mind, but we've heard a lot of great things about the DIY scene in Athens from friends who've played there and we're excited to be a part of a show there.”

Alongside Frame and Mantle on the bill is Normal State. Normal State is a solo act, playing sad, acoustic, lo-fi tunes. “My live sound is like very quiet and sad,” remarked the band, “and I basically want everyone to listen carefully as I rip my heart open and we can all like heal together through music, because music is bringing us all together in that moment, you know?” If this doesn’t make you want to come out and support, I don’t know what will.

Before Normal State, Space Buns Forever, a solo, lo-fi project by Megan Fair, will be taking the stage,. Megan described the sound as, “Very lo-fi and simple, basically just me being a crybaby over single notes on the e string.” Self deprecating humor and sad songs are exactly the type of act anyone could use more of in their life.

Kicking off the entire show is Athens musician, Gabbi Thacker. Gabbi will be opening up the evening with a comedy routine, which promises to get things started on a high note.

If you’re looking to come unwind after the stress of the pre-finals week, or just want to come watch talented acts, Saturday’s show is for you. Bring five dollars to the RBG, come be respectful and watch talented performers do what they do best.

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