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Preview: Farseek, Highwayyys, Faye Raygun, Pretty As You Please / Nov. 22 / The Crooked Cabin

By Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor

The Crooked Cabin / Sun., Nov. 22, 2015

Before heading home for Thanksgiving, stop by and catch some mellow tunes. Bobby Avalos, performing as Faye Raygun, is hosting an acoustic, indie pop show at the Crooked Cabin, featuring Highwayyys, Farseek, and new band Pretty As You Please.

Faye Raygun, an Athens local artist with a lo-fi bedroom sound, has been playing music for 11 years. Avalos pulls his inspiration from bands like Modest Mouse, Alkaline Trio and Brand New. “A lot of my music is about moving on and accepting what life has to offer you,” shared Avalos. “I feel like a lot of my lyrics are left open for interpretation. Also some lyrics have reason, for instance a song I wrote called ‘3 a.m.’ is about turning to alcohol at an early age in order to deal with adolescent culture, like school and the party scene. I also have songs that are mostly to get thoughts out of my head. I think I just write songs for the pure fact that I would feel stressed out if I didn't do so.”

Don’t miss out on this special occasion; Avalos shared that he doesn’t tend to perform on his own all the time. “I find myself getting tired of songs I’ve written because I am constantly moving on from how I felt when I wrote them. They just remind me of an old me that isn't as timeless as I would like . . . so more of an outlet than anything.”

Adding to the lineup is indie-emo band Farseek, who performed in Athens in August at the RGB. The members first got the idea to start a band after buying a Hawthorne Heights CD when they were 12. A year later the song writing began, but it wasn’t until they began listening to Joan of Arc that they began to record their own songs. “That isn't entirely present on the first Farseek EP,” shared Farseek. “It definitely shows a lot more in new songs that I am recording right now.”

Pretty As You Please is a fresh band from Athens, currently made up of Alayna Steele and Jc Griffith. “I’d say our sound is something lo-fi and dark with both pop punk and blues influences. We're still in the works of creating the sound were imagining,” remarked Steele when asked about the sound they will be bringing to the Crooked Cabin. Do not miss out on some good music in the works! Earn your “I heard them first” fan badge.

The show will begin right at 6 p.m. A small donation is much appreciated.

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