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Preview: Yosemight, Jojo Stella / Nov. 19 / Casa Nueva

By Daniel Marco, Contributor

Casa Nueva / Thursday, November 19, 2015

So you’re sitting in your room on a cold Thursday night, bored of watching TV and sick of all the schoolwork being shoved at you. How about some adventure? Casa Nueva has this in spades on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 10 p.m., as Jojo Stella and Yosemight take the stage.

Yosemight is a progressive funk rock band from Cleveland, consisting of Luke Bergan on guitar and vocals, Nick Shaver on bass and vocals and Tony Kazel on drums. Since their founding in 2012, they’ve played hundreds of shows and are known for their live experimentation and mixing of various genres of music.

In a previous interview for the Brite Winter Music Festival they stated their favorite kind of music to play on stage was, “Anything that makes you move. We all share an interest in improvisational music, which pretty much originally stemmed from jazz.”

Jojo Stella is a psychedelic funk rock band hailing from Bowling Green, OH. They consist of Dan Konold on drums, Christopher Lee Metchis on guitar and vocals, and David Morris on bass.

They describe their main influences as, “A lot of jazz, like Miles Davis. Then also acts like Led Zeppelin, RHCP, The Mars Volta, and Foxy Shazam!”

Regarding past experiences in Athens, the group remarked, “Actually we love it. A lot. To a point where we could use the town’s name as a verb. We love to Athens. Chris is passionate about the chicken and waffles in Athens. Poor guy can’t seem to satisfy that hunger anywhere else.”

A great night is sure to be in store on Thursday, so make sure you head on out to Casa at 10 p.m. to see two great bands jam it out.

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