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Preview: Cover to Cover: The Third / Nov. 20 / Sudden Death Overtime

By Jenn Castaneda, Contributor Sudden Death Overtime / Fri., Nov. 20, 2015

Some combinations don’t work together, like denim on denim or your grandmother and The Onion. However, Cover to Cover is not one of those combinations. Cover to Cover is the ultimate showdown of weirdness and creativity, people coming together to cover artists in the style of other artists. Don’t miss out on Kanye West covers in the style of Kimya Dawson, or LCD Soundsystem in the style of The White Stripes. There will be plenty of other combinations to see on Friday, Nov. 20 at Sudden Death Overtime.

“I’m super excited,” remarked Gabbi Thacker, one of the three people hosting the show. “Last year when we did this, it was mostly just people we knew and this year there are a few bands with people I don’t really know.” Thacker and her boyfriend, Matthew James, got the idea from James’ uncle in DC, where they host similar shows, and thought it would fit right in with the Athens music scene. All of the money being made is going toward the Athens Rock Camp for Girls. The program allows girls to have a safe place to have band practice, learn music or experiment and perform. “It’s just really cool to see so many different musicians and people come and support these organizations that help women in various ways,” shared Thacker. Last year, the proceeds of Cover to Cover went to My Sister’s Place, which offers support to victims of domestic violence. The show is already different from most shows in Athens, due to the change it will make in a youngster's life this year. Thacker and James are planning on hosting another show in the spring before they graduate, so don’t miss out on something as original as this. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to carry on the tradition and host more Cover to Cover shows after these two graduate. Start your night off right by surrounding yourself with rad people and wicked music. The show begins at 9 p.m. and will last for a while throughout the evening. Donate whatever you can. Everyone can come together and have an enjoyable time all for a good cause. Give back to the community and give future musicians a place to comfortably practice their skills and master their talents!

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