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Preview: The D-Rays, Bummers, Slackluster / Nov. 14 / Jackie O’s

By Eli Shively, Reviews Editor

Jackie O’s / Sat., Nov. 14, 2015

Let’s set the scene here: It’s a chilly November evening, the work/school week is over, and you’re looking for a warm, cozy atmosphere and some good old-fashioned rock 'n’ roll to help you unwind. If this sounds anything like your state of mind this coming weekend, look no further than Jackie O’s on Saturday the 14th for what’s sure to be a killer show. On the bill are three Ohio bands (two of which are from right here in Athens): The D-Rays, Bummers and Slackluster.

Headliners The D-Rays boast a high-energy brand of surf rock that some may see as a bit uncommon for the area they call home. When asked what it's like playing a style of music geographically dissimilar to where they’re actually from, the band responded “We feel like frauds, mostly. None of us surf at all.”

That doesn’t stop them from bringing the excitement live, however. “As soon as you settle in listening to one song, we’re onto the next,” says the band. “We play a high-energy, short attention-span set.” Their time on stage Saturday night is sure to keep the audience engaged and on their toes--figuratively and literally.

The middle of the lineup is filled out by Bummers, a garage rock band from Columbus that takes a page or two out of the books of artists like Wavves and Bass Drum Of Death. Although those new to Athens may not have heard of them, Bummers have played here in the past and are excited to be back. Says the band, “The music scene in Athens is really underrated and it’s a city that holds some of our craziest stories from the road.”

Those looking for a genuine rock 'n’ roll experience on Saturday won’t have to look any further than Bummers’ set. Of their live show, the guys insisted that “We just want to shred up there and hope the crowd will join us. The stage is a good way for us to let out the built up shit we have to deal with in our everyday lives.” The weekend is a perfect time to forget about monotony of life for a little while, and Bummers will be right there with anyone just looking to let go.

Kicking off the night will be local rock favorites Slackluster. They’ll be looking to continue their streak of great performances around the area, including one at Kroger (that’s right, inside of a supermarket) just last week. It’d behoove any live music fan to show up early enough to catch these guys--they may play here often, but they’re not to be missed.

A fun, exciting time is sure to be in store for all those in attendance at Jackie O’s on Saturday. Be sure to show up at 9 p.m. for three great bands and the perfect ending to any weekend night.

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