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Movie Review: Sicario

By Thalia Badio, Contributor

[Black Label Media; 2015]

Rating: 4.5/5

Sicario is a deeply disturbing action/thriller movie directed by award-winning French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Sicario, “hitman” in Spanish, is an enthralling piece of carefully constructed media that evokes politically relevant conversation about immigration, police brutality and systematic oppression in the United States and Mexico. This is a practically flawless film that is an absolute must-see in 2015.

Sicario is filled with deliberately grotesque depictions of life in the midst of violence due to the turbulent nature of the Mexican drug cartel. Bodies litter the streets, posed in humiliating and disturbing poses. Villeneuve paints a painful picture for his audience, captured in the vast hopeless region, the posters of missing girls in the areas and the dirty faces of young children stepping over dead bodies in alleyways.

The film is a constant battle of confusion and unrelenting tension, emphasized by the deep guttural groans of bass laced throughout the film and the muted sirens of desperate police officers in the background.

The cast is a well balanced mix of strong actors and humble performances. There is also a necessary amount of praise left to be awarded to Villeneuve for his strong casting decisions. Emily Blunt is a strong and serious female lead, constantly fighting for what feels like a failing system. Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin also give stellar performances.

This film is awe-inspiring and a painful depiction of life for those living in the midst of a drug war. Sicario is a near perfect blend of all the elements that make any movie great; a careful director, a powerful script, a dedicated cast and a relevant topic. Absolute must-see.

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