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Preview: Apple and the Moon, Camp, Yellow Paper Planes / September 19 / Casa Nueva

By Kevin Biggs, Contributor

Casa Nueva / Saturday, September 19, 2015

Whether you like bluesy Americana-country, folk-roots or indie alternative, Casa has got something for everybody this Saturday night when Apple and the Moon, Camp and Yellow Paper Planes take the stage at 9 p.m.

Apple and the Moon formed in 2014 through a music store called Insea Sound Shop in Nelsonville, Ohio, where the owner and current lead guitarist, Nick Collura, provided a connection between himself and bassist Mike Makosky, drummer Todd Parish and acoustic guitarist/vocalist Elena Aiello.

This is a young band full of truly talented and experienced musicians, and they’ve wasted no time displaying their unique sound. “We are getting ready to release our first album. We have a Midwest tour next month and we are always working on new music.” Their edgy sound has elements of country, Americana, blues and rock ‘n roll that could have a Nashville honkytonk roaring in one song.

Next on the lineup is Camp, OU student and guitarist Taylor Meier plus banjoist Evan Westfall. The two have been playing throughout Ohio for two years now. “We play all around Ohio, recently Miami Valley Music Fest out in Troy,” Meier said. As for the future, “we're stoked for the Casa gig and also to be playing the Duck Creek Music Fest out in Logan, Ohio [on] October 10.”

Take the husky, soulful vocals of Ray Lamontagne sung over a mix of Greenwich Village folk and Appalachian roots and you have Camp. Their session will have you sitting back and singin’ along to their beautifully strummed melodies and endearing lyrics.

Last on deck is Yellow Paper Planes from Columbus. Following the disbanding of Joshua P. James and the Paper Planes, frontman Joshua James and drummer Brandon Woods picked up new bassist Peter Mendenhall and keyboardist Jeremy Ebert to form Yellow Paper Planes in 2013. However, after a spiral fracture in Woods’ hand they had to go on hiatus. Since Woods’ return, the band has been back at it. “We released our EP, Feathers Touch, this spring. Following that release, the single 'Good Lovers' had a 14-day run on CD102.5, Top 5 at 5 block” Woods explained.

Yellow Paper Planes is influenced by a wide range of genres as well. When asked how he would describe their sound, Woods used a quote from GhettoBlaster Magazine that stated “Yellow Paper Planes are indie but not cutesy. They can be heavy but not aggro. Power pop for punks who like country. Folk music for folks who kind of hate folk music.” They may not conform to one genre, but their music is energetic, catchy and will get the crowd engaged in an electrifying live performance.

Whatever your preference, whatever your style, Casa has something for everyone and anyone looking for some good music on a Saturday night. The show starts at 9 p.m.

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