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Preview: The Sediment Club, Taxidermists, RMG III / September 16 / Bat Lounge

By Jennifer Castaneda, Contributor

Bat Lounge / Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our college years, the time in our lives where we discover ourselves and rebel against most authority. If you are looking for some tunes to shout along to or feel the feels, make sure to head to the Bat Lounge on Wednesday night at 8 p.m.; there’s a $5 donation to attend. Be ready to experience this new wave of punk with The Sediment Club, The Fury, Taxidermists, and RMG III.

The Sediment Club is a no wave punk band from Brooklyn, New York. Its Facebook page is very open to everyone who wishes to get an idea of who the band is. Here, you can find their very interesting bio, their interests—“to watch time decay up on the wall”—and their influences—“the rust in your basement.” They’re just as eccentric as their sound.

“We are psyched for the [two] shows we are playing next in Chicago/St. Louis, respectively,” said guitarist Austin Julian when asked what the band is looking forward to on their current tour. “We are playing in a festival in St. Louis called Tü Fest. [We’re] very psyched to hang out and see friends there.”

“We have very good friends [in Athens] and it’s always good to see them. People have generally been open and supportive at the shows we play. We like coming to Athens,” said Julian. The band played in Athens two years ago, and Julian performed as a soloist last March at the Union. The Sediment Club is touring with new and different material this time around, adding new album Psychosymplastic to the repertoire.

The Taxidermists are also bringing a different sound. If you like Car Seat Headrest, you should definitely come out and check this band out. Their sound varies from track to track but it makes you want to stay on your feet with an energetic feel and upbeat lyrics.

If you’re into some noise, make sure to catch RMG III. Tracks like “Athens Punk” are reminiscent of Crystal Castles. RMG III has a distinct sound. You do not want to miss out on what they have prepared for the show.

Whoever said punk was dead was wrong. They said all we listen to is noise, and, well, they were not completely wrong, but this show will show just how Athens is keeping punk alive. Stop on by, bring your mom and pop to this punk show and show them what they’re missing out on. Do not miss these extraordinary bands Wednesday, September 16 at the Bat Lounge at 8 p.m. Stop on by and bring $5 to donate to the various acts.

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