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Preview: Tino, Doxcity, Dysfunktional Family / April 11 / Casa Nueva

By Joe Cooke, Contributor

Saturday, April 11, 2015 / Casa Nueva

Dayton hip-hop artist Tino took Casa Nueva by storm last September. This Saturday, Tino will provide somewhat of a sequel. Unlike the last time, he’ll be performing solo on a lineup comprised of DysFunktional Family and Doxcity, performing songs from last summer’s Forget Me Not.

The 937-based MC has always talked to his audience about life’s ups and downs rather than just spitting bars about his cash, drugs and women. This is a sign that the influence of '90s socially-conscious rap is still a theme that can be held in the 2010s and beyond.

“I've always been a big fan of Nas, Common and Black Thought of The Roots,” said Tino. “They come from a very relatable place which always set them apart from your prototypical rapper to me. “

It seems like Athens has been one of his foregrounds for giving us samples of this rhyming philosophy.

“My first experience with Athens was Hip Hop Shop at The Union hosted by Hil and Schwartz of Dysfunktional Family back in 2013.” Ever since he first hit the stage in A-Town, Athens to Tino is like Hogwarts to a 10-year old. “Athens really showed love, so when [I was] offered the opportunity to play Casa Nueva last year, I jumped at the chance and have been looking forward to making it back. I feel at home now when I come that way.”

The fact that Athens is familiar gives Tino support as his music and life begin to transition after the murder of his cousin in 2014.

"After his loss, my music was a lot heavier,” said Tino. “I found myself drawn to darker instrumentals and subject matter, which formed Forget Me Not.” The dramatic, opera-like opening title track from his latest project is something bigger than just lyrics on a paper. It’s an emotional delivery used to educate and inspire people.

“I find myself wanting to implore people to live life more because you never really know when it's going to come to an end,” said Tino. “If you care enough about anything, no matter how small, there's a wealth to speak on it because it's your passion. I just try to think about what matters or what mattered most to me and capture the why of that.”

Rap fans in the Buckeye state should be on the lookout for a number of different moves from him in the near future. Besides just having his hands in the mixtape game, he’s taking his collaborative mindset to the next level as he discusses joint album possibilities.

“Today I developed a concept for an EP I'd like to do with another Dayton artist,” said Tino. “I hope to see one or two of those drop by year's end, but I'm taking my time.”

Tino definitely seems to have a steady plan and the versatility as an artist to perfect the “come up” in the underground rap scene. He will look to prove that in Southeastern Ohio this Saturday. Doors open at 10 p.m.

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