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Songs That Make You Wanna: Exercise Your Civic Duty

By Carolyn Menyes, Managing Editor

Election Day here in the United States is right around the corner. Only one question persists in the minds of the electorate. And, no, it's notObama or Romney... it's "What should I listen to on my way to the polls?" Worry no more, America! ACRN has the 10 songs that will get you pumped and make you wanna exercise your civic duty!

“(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)”-- Beastie Boys

“You gotta fight / for your right / to party!” this classic song exclaims. While many may think this song is just about slacking off and whatnot, ACRN would like to believe the “party” in question here is a political one. Republican or Democrat? Fight for the rights your party believes are best. Moreover, this election season, you’re free to fight for your rights: the right to a lower tax rate, the right to birth control, the right to marry, and most importantly, the right to party. Which candidate is going to let you get down and boogie more?

“Express Yourself”--Madonna

No song better showcases the idea of expressing how you feel than this classic Madonna number. Express your love for President Obama or Governor Romney this November 6 by filling in that little black circle and voting. You can put your love to the test by expressing yourself even further: wear that T-shirt, attend that rally, volunteer your time, annoy your friends with Facebook posts. It’s all about expressing yourself! And that idea in and of itself is very American. First Amendment, FTW!

“Tonight’s The Kind of Night”--Noah and the Whale

This song just screams of hope. “Tonight’s the kind of night / where everything can change,” Charlie Fink sings along with a choir and happy, uplifting chords. Though this song has been playing at Democratic rallies across the country this election season, Republicans can take comfort in this song too, as this November 6 could change the winds in their direction. “Change” is a different path for everyone, and this song inspires you to take the country in whatever direction you believe in.

“America! Fuck Yeah!”--Team America

Maybe this song is a parody. But, let’s be real, we are pretty cool for voting. We’re not the only country that exercises the democratic process, but we’re probably the one that does it the best. (Sorry, Australia or whoever.) So, let’s celebrate just how awesome America is for doing that by screaming “Fuck yeah!” along with this song. Also, this song can make us all take a moment out to remember that Republican, Democrat or Independent, we’re all Americans. And we can agree that Disney World is worthy of a big ol’ “Fuck yeah!”

“You Don’t Own Me”--Lesley Gore

This classic feminist anthem is almost too perfect for this election season, where women’s rights have once again become an issue. All the ladies can listen to this and get fired up and vote for Obama and their rights. Republicans, however, can also find solace in this song. “Don’t tell me what to do / Don’t tell me what to say,” can be seen as endorsing deregulation and the Republican platform. Also, remember, no one owns your vote. You’re free to do whatever you please!

“We Take Care of Our Own”--Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is a known political figure. “We Take Care of Our Own,” a fixture at Obama rallies (as well as Springsteen himself), perfectly captures the spirit of this election season. This is mostly because it can technically be interpreted two ways, and so can many of the messages from ads on TV. On one hand, this song embraces the greater American culture and taking care of your fellow American, which is surely the liberal way Springsteen intended it to be. On the other hand, this track highlights the individualism and independent spirit of the Republican. “Did you build that?” This song answers simultaneously with a resounding “Yes” and “No.”

“American Badass”--Kid Rock

You gotta be a badass to make it to the national stage in politics. So, biases aside, let’s all acknowledge the individual badass-ery of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They stand up for what they believe in and don’t apologize for it. Similarly, Kid Rock--who has been on the campaign trail with Romney this year --does not apologize for who he is: a red-blooded American. Like all the aforementioned men, you too can be an American badass by listening to this tune, getting pumped and taking that energy to the polls.


ACRN would like to imagine that both Governor Romney and President Obama listen to this Muse track every morning to get pumped up. Originally written for the 2012 Olympics, “Survival” is all about winning the race...the presidential race that is. Surely, both candidates believe they’re going to win, and they have to get pumped to do so. Listening to this song will similarly get voters your candidate win and never lose, much like Muse.

“I’m Gonna Send Your Vote to College”--Schoolhouse Rock

Of course, the American voting system doesn’t have a direct vote for the presidency. Anyone with a third grade education is aware of the Electoral College and its impact on the voting process. Ohioans can thank the Electoral College for the hundreds of political ads on TV every day. Don’t understand why? Take it back to Schoolhouse Rock to learn more about it. It takes 270 Electoral votes to win the presidency. So, to make sure your state goes the way you want, embrace the Electoral College and cast your ballot.

“Fuck You”--Lily Allen

Originally titled “GWB,” this poppy Lily Allen number has a much more sinister tone when one listens to the lyrics. “We hate what you do / and we hate your whole crew / So, please don’t stay in touch.” Ouch! It’s clear that this election and this electorate is one of the most divisive in American history. So, if you’re a Republican, this track can be your anthem now, and you can vote to get President Obama out of office. If you’re more left-leaning, this song can inspire you to vote and get Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan out of the public eye.

No matter which way you lean, make sure you go out and cast your ballot this Tuesday. Find your local polling place at

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